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Cold Heat -- Leigh Wyndfield
Cold Heat

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Desert Heat-- Leigh Wyndfield
Desert Heat




I’m so glad you found my website! 

Some of you might know I dropped from sight for a few years due to a personal bump in the road.  While the experience was no fun, it helped me sort out what’s most important. While I was gone, all my old publishers closed, returning the books to me. I’m rereleasing them, along with new content!

First off will be three books: IN HEAT, VEILED HEAT, and WHITE HEAT coming September 10th, 2020.

Next up will be:

COLD HEAT October 10th, 2020
DESERT HEAT November 10th, 2020
NIGHT HEAT December 10th, 2020
STILL HEAT January 10th, 2021
DARK HEAT February 10th, 2021


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Happy Fall!


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