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Secrets Volume 14 -- W=Leigh Wyndfield

Secrets Volume 14
Leigh Wyndfield, Alexa Aames, Angela Knight, Jennifer Barlowe
ISBN 0975451642

When Rip Bowhite leads a revolt on the prison planet called the Velopit, he never anticipates that the Inter-world Council will abandon the planet without a fight, leaving prisoners, guards, and even the administrative personnel to survive against the monsters that rule the night. As his men start dying from an unknown illness, Rip is forced to capture the prison’s Healer, Jemma. If she can’t find a cure, they’re all going to die, unable to defend the fences that protect them against the Raptors.

With their lives at stake, Jemma will heal the prisoners, but won’t allow herself to be distracted by the instant and overpowering attraction she feels for Rip. Until that passion flares to dizzying heights. But with the monsters closing in on them each night, Jemma’s life rapidly spirals out of control. As the stakes are raised and death seems near, love and trust seem doomed in the heat of the night.

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