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It’s hard to believe summer is already wrapping up.  It seems like life is flying these days with all the great things that are happening.

Some of you might know I dropped from sight for about four years due to a personal bump in the road.  While the experience was no fun, it helped me sort out what’s most important – and writing was one of those things! 

To kick off my return to writing, I have two short stories releasing this summer – one already came out – DARK HEAT – and the next releases on the 18th of August – THE HANGING MAN.  Both of these are castle fantasy romances with some spice.  They were both in anthologies a long time ago which most people didn’t get a chance to read.  I’m hoping to breathe new life into them!  Check out the first chapter of each on the individual books page.

New stories are on the way in the fall, so look out for a new HEAT story – SHADOW HEAT – and a full length novel, BLOOD OATH!

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Happy End of Summer!


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